Monday, October 10, 2011

Garden Party Wedding Shower

 Posted by Mandy

I threw a wedding shower at my house this last weekend for a good friend of mine. I wanted it to feel cozy and intimate so I set up a large table and 12 seats on my patio and set the theme to french cottage of course.

I bought these water glasses at the local dollar store for a buck each. While there I saw these great pizza pans and could not resist grabbing them to use a charges, also just one dollar each.

I lined the table with mason jars filled with candles and flowers. 

The gift table.

My mom and I found these lanterns at Warrington trade days a couple of weeks ago. They were such a great deal because the glass was broken out. Pottery Barns sells them for $150 each and we picked them up for just $27. 

Thanks to my friend Crystal who took these photos and helped with the shower.

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