Friday, September 30, 2011

Owl Onesie and Skirt

Posted by Mandy

Dylan's first outfit with an embroidered top. This was so fun. All of the fabric came from Hobby Lobby and there is no pattern, I simply cut some rectangles, gathered the fabric and sewed each layer to an elastic band.

Peek-A-Boo Skirt

Posted by Mandy

I love making these peek-a-boo skirts. They are so easy the pattern consist of 4 simple rectangles, who could not follow that? This was my first one ever to attempt so the quality has gone way up.

Quilting Strip Dress

Posted by Mandy

This was the easiest dress to sew ever. I made a bandana dress style top and used a quilting jelly roll I got on sale at Joanns as the fabric to make the skirt bottom. It simply took me surging and the ends and using a roll hem to make a clean end. I then gathered and sewed each strip to the bandana dress.
The applique design came from planet applique and cost $1.00.
Total dress making time was 25 minutes and cost was less than $6.00.

Bling Guitar

Posted by Amy

Found the plain wooden guitar frames at Canton and decorated them with zebra and diamonds to match the girls rooms. 

Softball Card

Posted by Amy

These were made to go on top of the girls first aid kits.

Softball Lemon Drop Holders

Posted by Amy

I made these for the softball all star team. They are the round coke bottles that I rinsed out and filled with lemon drops. The girls loved them.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Christmas Porch Scene

Posted by Denise

I wanted to create a white winter scene for Christmas. I got some great ideas at the Nutcracker market where I also bought my chandelier.

I love the Sandstone garden, this idea came from their shop at the Nutcracker Market.

Love this Chandelier I got from Sandstone Gardens.

Greetings to my guest as they pull in the drive.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Elegant Garden

Posted by Denise

I love gardening in the spring.

I saw this at Canton about 6 years ago and finally talked my husband into building my own. This is the focal point of my garden. 

He did an excellent job on this house, he is so talented.

My Shabby Chic Kitchen

Posted by Mandy

My kitchen is still very simple, I am looking for the right fabric to make the curtains to bring in some texture.

 Laurie Anna's of course!

I got this chandelier for just $15 but when I opened the box I realized why it was so cheap. It was very plain and in desperate need of some glam. I covered some simple shades with silver fabric to match my walls. Yes, Silver walls. I found these crystals at a store in canton and added it to the light. It has turned out great. Once I get rid of this horrible window shade it will look much better.

I love my newest addition, the plant holder from Ikea.

My husband's grandfather made this table and I paired these chairs from a local furniture store with them. They go perfect together. 

Kids Spa Birthday Party

Posted by Tracy                        

Candy Tablescape

Posted by Amy

Taylor wanted a Peace themed birthday so I put together this candy table. It was a big hit with all of the guest.

My Cottage Chic Dining Room - Mandy

Posted by Mandy

I was going for a cottage look and somehow took a turn into farmhouse country. Still very much a work in progress but it has come a long way.
I love Paula Deen's Furniture collection, this dining table is my first piece, but I foresee more in my future.

Family time around the table, what a wonderful gift.

I bought this topiary at Tuesday mornings for just $12, since then I have seen these selling all over Canton for $40, what a deal. I love it when I find hidden treasures. 

My first try at furniture restoration. This is the part of the rooms that is still a work in progress.
This antique china cabinet belonged to my great grandmother. I am using Ann Sloans Chalk Paint and Wax.

I love my Laurie Anna's Chandeliers.